Training Needs

What type of training would your employees need to improve their skills and productivity? Review the list below to help you determine what might best suit your needs.

Training For Foreign Consultants (TFC)

This two-day, intensive program teaches foreign consultants how to adapt quickly to doing business in the American corporate world. The program consists of the following courses:

  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Soft Skills

Business Analysis (BA)

The BA Course teaches the fundamentals of discovering problems, developing requirements and specifications, and then engineering the solutions.

Course Outline:

  • Situational Assessment
  • Summarizing the Issue
  • Setting Expectations
  • Documenting Customer Issues
  • Keep it Simple
  • Research
  • Planning the Solution
  • Implementing the Solution
  • Testing and Follow-up

Project Management (PM)

The Project Management Course is designed to get consultants geared up to lead the development of solutions. It covers defining, planning, executing, and assuring the application or service.

Course Outline:

  • Initial Discussion
  • Defining Requirements
  • Reviewing Requirements
  • Stakeholder Agreement
  • Planning and Strategy
    • Timelines
    • Task List
    • Personnel List
    • Resource List
  • Status
  • Staying on Target
    • Tactics for Advancing the Project
  • Avoiding “Mission Creep”
  • Testing
    • User Feedback
  • User Training and Support
  • Final Implementation

Quality Assurance (QA)

The QA Course schools consultants in the Quality Assurance process. This course can focus on internal applications and solutions or concentrate on inbound issues coming from end-users and clients over the Internet and telephone.

Course Outline:

  • Obtain Criteria
  • Product Testing
  • Feedback from End-Users
  • Bug-Fixing Procedures
  • User Manual and Documentation
  • Process for Review with End-Users
  • Preparation of Support Staff
    • Forecasting and Assessing User Issues
    • Bug Fixing vs. Support Cost Analysis
  • Monitoring Support Staff

Soft Skills Course (SSC)

The Soft Skills Course is engineered to prepare new consultants to flourish in the North American (the United States and Canada) corporate environment. SSC gears up consultants by teaching them the best tactics, techniques, and business and cultural understandings they will need to prosper in the corporate world.

Course Outline:

  • Phone Answering Protocol
  • Active Listening Skills
    • Discovering the Complaint or Issue
  • Managing the Conversation
    • Directing the Focus of the Phone Call
    • Utilizing Documentation
  • Vocal Skills
    • Tone of Voice
    • Pitch
    • Timber
    • Rate of Speech
  • Customer Relationship Management
    • Handling Irate Customers
    • Handling Abusive Customers
  • Cross-Cultural Understanding
    • Understanding American and Canadian Accents
    • Understanding Expectations of Cultural Groups

Personal Skills Courses (PSC)

Help your employees to increase productivity by learning the personal skills necessary for an efficient workplace. Choose from the following courses:

Computer Fundamentals - Empower your employees with the fundamentals that make them efficient and save you money.

Office Productivity - Get the most power from your office products.

Personal Productivity - Our training can help your business meet compliance objectives and help employees create a positive workplace.

Information Technologies - Networks, printers, and servers are part of business these days. Why not have someone in your workforce with the skills to manage these assets and ultimately save you operational dollars?

Database Technologies - Programming and developing helps corporations customize applications to their unique needs. Here you will find the skills your programmers and developers need to help your business grow.